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Articulating Your Evolutionary Work
    Changemakers in transition or deep reflection

    Gain more clarity about your motivation, role, competencies, skills, and available resources to make a more effective intentional contribution to redesigning our worldviews, cultures, and institutions in service to a more just, sustainable, and flourishing future

    April 10, 2021

    March 19, 2021


    8 weeks

    5-8 hours/week (3 hours/week for online sessions; 2-5 hours/week for self-study)

    8 weekly 3-hour Zoom sessions on Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm Pacific Time

    Open registration​

    Participants who meet program requirements receive a certificate of completion from the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership

    Attend at least 6 sessions and complete all assignments

Note: Registrations for April 2021 are no longer accepted; you are welcome to sign up for our newsletter to learn about future opportunities (see the sign-up form at the bottom of the page).


This is an 8-week program based on the Seven Competencies of Evolutionary Leaders developed by Manuel Manga. The weekly sessions will include a brief introduction of relevant concepts and theories,    journaling, dialogues, and other group activities. Self-study will include reviewing required and supplemental materials and completing weekly assignments. Participants will be encouraged to form accountability triads though it is not required for completing the program.

In the course of the program participants will explore the following questions:

  • Identify adaptive challenges: What doesn’t feel right about the human experience around me? What do I feel called to transform? What adaptive challenges does it encompass?

  • Acknowledge related systems: What systemic conditions keep these challenges in place? What are my known knowns and known unknowns? What are my assumptions? What inquiries are guiding my exploration?

  • Understand collective intentionality: How do language, emotions, and human natures are shaping these systems? What is independent of our beliefs and what is real only because we collectively believe it is? What material, institutional, cultural, and mental limitations can be leveraged or transformed?

  • Take responsibility for your role: How are these systems shaping me and how do I participate in sustaining or evolving them?

  • Engage stakeholders: Who are key ecosystem actors and how can I effectively engage them in a system-level reflection?

  • Explore possibilities: What is the highest potential for the systems I'm engaging with? What alternative futures are possible?

  • Design for systemic sustainability: Do these possibilities allow for environmental, human, and institutional sustainability?

  • Develop your own capacity: Am I ready for this work? What can I do to further develop my capacity for systems transformation?



This program is funded by the Evolutionary Leadership Community (ELC). Participation is free for dues-paying ELC members. Non-members are required to pay a USD $450 registration fee that will be added to the community budget and used to fund other member-led programs and workshops. 

If you are not an ELC member yet, you are welcome to explore the opportunity to join the community (it probably won't affect your registration fee for this program though as it takes a few weeks to become a dues-paying member). Our members pay radically flexible monthly dues (anything above zero), enjoy free access to all community-funded events, and collectively manage community funds to finance member-led educational offers and other proposals that are aligned with the mission of the community: to support members in developing the capacity to redesign worldviews, cultures, and institutions in service to a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world.

About Your Hosts

Manuel Manga

Manuel is Co-Founder & Managing Partner of the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership. He has been developing a competencies-based model of Evolutionary Leadership since the early 1990-s. 



Fyodor is Co-Founder & Managing Partner of the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership. He has also been a member of brain trusts and expert groups affiliated with the United Nations and the G20 Summit. 



Registration is also open for another program that will run in parallel with the Articulating Your Evolutionary Work (AYEW) program. The Thought Leadership for Systems Transformation (TLST) program is designed to help systems transformation practitioners across all domains and levels of experience broaden their awareness of available approaches, tools, and practices that can support their practice. The TLST program is not funded by the ELC and is offered using the Pay What You Wish model to ensure affordability regardless of the ELC membership status. You can take the TLST program in addition to the AYEW program or as a standalone learning experience.

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