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We started the Evolutionary Futures Community (formerly known as Evolutionary Leadership Community) to create a flexible support structure for teaching, learning, practicing, and funding endeavors that help members design a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world.


Our bold design challenge was to eliminate any financial or time pressure from our members within the context of the community, but at the same time to pay at least $130/h to those members who share their knowledge in the form of a workshop or other educational offering. With radically flexible membership dues (anything above zero) and no specific time commitment, we had no idea if that new economy experiment would ever work, but we were very curious and excited to explore what is possible.


In October 2015 our eight founding members came up with slightly over $600 and funded our first member-led workshop. Since that time we funded around 200 hours of teaching. Until recently, we intentionally remained a small (60-70 people) relationship-based group as we experimented with various ways of working and being together. However, after the successful launch of the Thought Leadership for Systems Transformation program in spring 2021, we are actively exploring ways to merge the two learning spaces or at least create an overlap and engage significantly more people in our collaborative funding practices.

We are currently updating our infrastructure, Operating Principles, and onboarding processes but if you don't want to wait until that's done, you can still review our current Operating Principles and fill out this application to join the community. Before you do that though, you would need to make sure that at least one of our active members supports your candidacy (you would let us know the name of that member in your application).


If you don't know where to start, just email us at!

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