Join us!

We started our Evolutionary Leadership Community to create a flexible support structure for teaching, learning, practicing, and funding endeavors that help members design a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world.

Our bold design challenge was to eliminate any financial or time pressure from our members within the context of the community, but at the same time to pay at least $130/h to those members who share their knowledge in the form of a workshop or other educational offering. With radically flexible membership dues (anything above zero) and no specific time commitment, we had no idea if that new economy experiment would ever work, but we were very curious and excited to explore what is possible.

In October 2015 our eight founding members came up with slightly over $600 and funded our first member-led workshop. Since that time we funded over 50 hours of teaching and grew from 8 to 50 members residing in 13 different locations across Asia, Africa, Europe, and both Americas.

If you want to work on redesigning worldviews, cultures and institutions for a better world in a community, you are welcome to join us!

Read our Operating Principles and fill out this application to join the community!