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the “Creator”/ “Innovator”
with Dr. Peter Stonefield, Ph.D.
    Changemakers interested in creativity, guided imaginary, or developmental theories

    Learn Dr. Stonefield's approach to thinking more creatively and facilitating innovation with others in a way that catalyzes the evolution of consciousness from ME to WE.

    This workshop helps develop the following
    Evolutionary Leadership Competencies: Personal Evolution, Ontological Designing, and Evolutionary Visions

  • TIME & DATE:
    Saturday, March 27 from 8:30 am to 11:30 am Pacific Time

    Friday, March 26 at 9:00 pm pacific Time


    Open registration​; participants will be asked to watch a 40-min video to prepare for the workshop


Everywhere you turn, “Innovators” are synthesizing new solutions in what many are beginning to dub the “Creative Economy”. Learning how to think creatively and innovate is an essential skill for the 21st century. Most innovations and systemic changes begin with a creative idea or insight and a letting go of old mindsets and ways of thinking. Knowing how to think creatively and let go of old ways of thinking is key to generating the ideas and insights that give birth to innovation.


Studies show that creative thinking people are better able to live with uncertainty and systemic problems because they are typically more loosely identified with cultural norms and world views. As a result, they can adapt their thinking and see things differently to allow for the flow of the unknown. According to research reported in Scientific American, creative thinking, not intelligence or overall openness, decreases mortality risks and leads to a longer life.


This workshop is designed for those who would like to think more creatively, facilitate innovation with others in a way that facilitates the evolution of consciousness from ME to WE.


In this interactive 3-hour online workshop you will learn how to:

  • Discover and empower your deeper “I”-center of awareness and will- enabling you to step-back from old mindsets and think more outside the box.

  • Creatively self-organize your role as “Creator” - “Innovator”.

  • Think creatively – learn different ways to think creatively.

  • Facilitate creative thinking in others.

  • Understand the core systemic dynamics of innovation and where to look for opportunities.

  • Facilitate creative thinking and innovation with others through role-playing.

  • Create value propositions to advance your creative ideas.

  • Foster a creative climate.



This workshop is funded by the Evolutionary Leadership Community (ELC). Participation is free for dues-paying ELC members. Non-members are required to pay a USD $60 registration fee that will be added to the community budget and used to fund other member-led programs and workshops. 

If you are not an ELC member yet, you are welcome to explore the opportunity to join the community (it probably won't affect your registration fee for this program though as it takes a few weeks to become a dues-paying member). Our members pay radically flexible monthly dues (anything above zero), enjoy free access to all community-funded events, and collectively manage community funds to finance member-led educational offers and other proposals that are aligned with the mission of the community: to support members in developing the capacity to redesign worldviews, cultures, and institutions in service to a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world.

About Your Host
Peter Stonefield 2.jpg

Dr. Peter Stonefield. Ph.D.

Peter is President and Founder of Stonefield Learning Group, consultant, speaker, and psychologist. He taught graduate-level courses throughout the world on Cognitive and Creative Process, Leadership, Integrating the Personality and Organizational Process.

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