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Graham Leicester
Graham Lecester.jpg

Graham Leicester is Director of International Futures Forum (IFF).  His background is in government and he still has a strong interest in governance and policymaking.  His work with IFF has focussed on the theory and practice of system transition, transformative innovation (introducing the new in the presence of the old) and in particular the human dimensions of these processes. 


IFF’s Competence in Complexity program (next program starts in May 2021) offers a year-long process for participants to develop the 21st century competencies and to demonstrate them in practice in effective, transformative action. The program is based on IFF’s books Dancing at the Edge:  Competence, Culture and Organisation in the 21st Century by Maureen O’Hara and Graham Leicester, Three Horizons by Bill Sharpe, and Transformative Innovation:  a guide to practice and policy for system transition by Graham Leicester.

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