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Alyona Yuzefovich
& Anastasia Laukkanen

Alyona and Anastasia are currently developing the Living Lab agency that specializes in creating interactive spaces for sustainability both in business and academic contexts. Their recent projects include adapting En-ROADS Climate Action Simulation to the Russian audience as well as developing and launching the first professional development program on systems change offered by a Russian university.
Alyona is a social entrepreneur, master facilitator, communicator, and badass mom. At the beginning of her social impact journey, she and her company Boxxy diverted millions of kilos of electronic waste from the landfill in Russia. 
Anastasia is a former journalist, professional yogi and an amateir sustainability stand-up performer. In 2010 she co-founded ECOCUP, one of the first green documentary film festivals, that took place in more than 30 cities of Russia and CIS countries. 

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