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To explore and catalyze radically more just, sustainable, and flourishing futures through learning and collective action for systems transformation.

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As the world awakens to the realization that we live in an unsustainable civilization on a finite planet with finite resources, humankind needs to make a radical shift towards a new worldview, new cultural values, and a new societal paradigm. We at the Evolutionary Futures Lab, alongside and in partnership with other organizations, communities, and individuals, work to enable learning and collective action for systems transformation through educational programs and strategic community-centered initiatives to explore and catalyze evolutionary futures that are radically more just, sustainable, and flourishing.


We invite individuals who want to work in service to a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world to attend our open-enrollment programs (online or in-person), request one-on-one advisory services, or join our сommunity.

"The learning processes and support structures offered by the Evolutionary Futures Lab and the Evolutionary Futures Community allowed me to understand my local community better, travel to California, get support from an international group of inspiring and collaborative leaders from all over the world, welcome them to my community at Mount Parnonas, and engage local stakeholders—including the Municipal Council—to work together on transforming worldviews, cultures, and institutions in service to a better future for all."

Christiana Gardikioti

Founder, the Meraki People | Evolutionary Futures Community Member Evolutionary Future Challenge Finalist | Evolutionary Futures Fellow


We partner with enablers of social innovators to design and deliver cutting-edge workshops, fellowships, and educational programs for Systems Transformation.

"You got some incredibly positive comments on the workshop, some citing it among their top 1 or 2 sessions of the program! Also, the final presentations compared to last year, because we asked the teams to try stakeholder mapping following what they learned from your workshop, the groups' solutions were much more leaning towards connecting with partnerships and existing resources compared to past programs. So all in all—huge kudos and thanks!"


Yi Zhang
Social Innovation Programs Director, Volunteers in Asia


We are actively engaged in project-based experimentation and strategic contributions to key conversations, initiatives, and collaborative efforts in such fields as social innovation, impact investing, philanthropy, policy, and activism.

"Over the years we have come across many similar challenges and competitions and we have been particularly frustrated because although they call for systemic solutions, the way they are structured and the questions they ask in their applications do not really welcome systemic approaches. When we stumbled across the Evolutionary Future Challenge, it was incredibly refreshing to us to see that you were looking for a systemic initiative and actually using language that implies you are interested in exactly that.  Applying for this challenge helped us come up with a message about our work that is totally real and is aligned with the conversations we had among ourselves."

Michael Haupt
Co-Founder, Tomorrow Makers | Evolutionary Future Challenge Finalist

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