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  • Fyodor Ovchinnikov

In Compassionate Inquiry, In Community, Let Us Find Our Way, With Love.

If transformation is to come, It begins with relationships. For change to occur, We must be willing to be confused. Let us listen, not just with our minds, But with our hearts, our spirits, and our souls; And let us honor the beauty of uncertainty, As we ensconce ourselves in interdependence;

We shake off the chains of the iniquitous With generative conversations and restorative action; We are humbled but emboldened With a passion to grow hope. Though we may not see success, Keen is every thought, intent, and gesture: The care for our collective future Will take root, to bear its fruit.

Let us heed Indigenous teachings and pleas, Let us follow Indigenous ways and honor The timeless knowledge that heals And brings about collective liberation; Let us recognize our complicity And embrace decolonial love; Let us practice self-compassion And be ancestors who care deeply.

Let us look to Raven’s wisdom Of courage, resilience, and kindness; This change can only be ushered, Through gentle, powerful actions: From systems, complex and strong, To beacons of love and hope— It takes a gentle whisper To quiet the power of wrong.

Let the words of our new songs Echo in chambers of chance As we open the door to a new world, Standing in relation with trust. With cultural humility and grace, Observing, learning, taking the long view, In compassionate inquiry, in community, Let us find our way, with love.

________ *AI-assisted harvest of the 12th Session of the Thought Leadership for Systems Transformation Program with Chris Corrigan and Kelly Foxcroft-Poirier hosted by Julius Khamati Kuya.

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